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Why choose us...

Our goal at JDTF Club is to train and equip our members mentally as well as physically. We look to inspire our youth, not just on the track, but prepare them for the real world as well!  Here we put our youth first as we realize they ALL have individual needs, and are our immediate future! Whether you're looking to volunteer, be involved with your community or improve your running craft, JDTF Club is the Home for you!
Furthermore, we offer local USATF Youth, Open, and Masters memberships in central Delaware; for the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer personal/technical training for sprint, distance runners, and have a fitness program (Knight Fit) for those who want to get in shape! Additionally, we give information for scholarship opportunities through our site and provide our own Scholarship Fund (JDSF).

To get exclusive news, discounts and video content, become a JDTF Club Member. You will be kept up to date via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and or other medias.

JDTF Club is FREE to join! If you would like to join OR would like personal training, please fill out the information form below for rates.
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